Things To Take Care Of For Customised Rubber Stamp

Customised rubber stamps are a great way to add a personal touch to any organisation’s brand. A company’s logo is not just a design, but an embodiment of all that the organisation stands for, the ethics it espouses and the way it wants its consumers to perceive it. It is exactly these values that a rubber stamp replicates. Rubber stamps may seem like a trivial detail, just another cog in the wheel, but they have the potential to make a huge difference. They are absolutely necessary for a lot of daily, official duties. Legal paper work, office documents, government seals; no serious work is complete without using rubber stamps in the process. If you are looking to incorporate customised rubber stamps in your office, here are a few things to look for.

Design Of The Stamp:

Since a design is going to represent your organisation and people are going to recognise your company on the basis of this design, put some care into the process. Make sure it is exactly what you are looking for. There is no room for error, since each copy of the design is going to be stamped multiple times on all sorts of official documents and is pretty much going to become the face of your company. Try to incorporate as much relevant information into the logo, but don’t make it too congested. Incorporate the key idea, important dates and anything else you may feel is absolutely necessary. Rubber stamps allow you to be innovative and creative as you can experiment with size, font and colours. Rubber stamps do have provisions for really intricate designs, but minimalist designs make a very strong impression as well.


Material Of The Stamp:

Rubber stamps are supposed to be made of genuine leather. But fraudulent companies nowadays tend to use cheap synthetic variants in order to save money. So when purchasing a rubber stamp, make sure you do not fall for the trick. Ensure that the rubber is superior grade. Also, make sure it suits your needs. For example, if you are getting rubber stamps as a craft idea for your kindergarten kids, see to it that there are no small removable pieces in the stamp and no toxic bits. Ensure that no parts of the stamp are detachable, as children tend go put things in their mouth, and the handle has no sharp edges. These are important things to take care of, as children can be reckless with these tools.

Pricing Of The Stamp:

Customised designs can be expensive, since the company is doing extra work for your sake. However, rubber stamps do not tend to rake up huge bills as the individual components are not very expensive. But do make it a point to negotiate pricing before making any commitment. Bulk orders usually come with discounts and offers. Also, ask them about delivery and shipping policies. Get the best deal you can, as manually picking things up is hassling.

Customised rubber stamps may seem like an uphill task, but with the right research, it is not that difficult at all. Just make sure you make an informed decision in the end.

Where To Get Customised Rubber Stamp

Customised rubber stamps are becoming quite a trend. The ability to design your own logo or seal and have it imprinted on all documents can help shape the brand of your company in a big way. They are unique and set you apart. They can be used for schools, offices or even at home. Most institutions have customised rubber stamps, as a mark of authenticity. If you wish to view Rochester, NY apartments in the Park Ave area, you will require stamped papers to prove your identity. Rubber stamps are a necessity in almost every way. If you are looking to get one yourself, then there are quite a few things to consider.

Looking For Online Purchase:

A lot of people are buying rubber stamps online nowadays. You cannot deny the fact that it is extremely convenient. With every single detail lying at your finger tips, there is nothing you need to worry about. Another great feature about buying online is that you can upload your design directly and just wait for the manufacturers to do the rest. You do not have to make multiple trips to the store, talking over each detail.


Online stores also let you make virtual designs of your stamp, by letting you pick details such as colour, size, font, etc. It is almost like digital art. Rubber stamps let you make intricate designs and patterns, incorporate numbers and figures into the design and even experiment with size. Difficult fonts such as letters of languages such as Chinese or Japanese can also be incorporated into the stamp.

Online sources also help you locate stores, compare prices and decide on what you think is best. Another major benefit of looking for rubber stamps online is that websites display customer reviews which are an essential component as they reflect on the manufacturer’s efficiency. By going through user generated reviews, you can get to know a lot about the product’s durability, performance and efficiency. Online companies also tend to offer discounts which offline shops do not. You tend to find coupons, offers and deals which enable bulk purchases.

Options In Offline Stores:

The only major reason a size able part of the population still prefers offline stores is the sheer comfort of direct human interaction. Moreover, with offline stores, you can get a good look at the colour, material and texture of the stamp. Colours often do not look the way on the screen the way they are. Even designs, textures can be deceptive. It is important to feel the rubber before you make an investment as synthetic material is often used to bring down the cost.

Synthetic completely ruins the stamp and is a terrible idea to invest in. While buying offline, one thing you should keep in mind is enquire about delivery and shipping. Making several trips to collect bulk orders is difficult and shipping is one of the facilities most companies offer at reasonable prices nowadays. Therefore, make sure you ask all relevant questions and have all your doubts assuaged before you fix on a design.

Rubber stamps may seem like a trivial, inconsequential detail, but make a huge difference to the image of your brand. Read up, do your research, and make an informed decision before you commit.