2 Cost-Effective and Easy Way to Remove Tree Stumps

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Tree removal is a laborious task which needs the expertise of a tree professional. It is dangerous and if you do the DIY way, you should have a past experience with dealing trees. It can fall off in the direction you least expect. After the tree removal, there is still the stump that you should take care of. It is firmly rooted to the ground, and you have no idea how to remove it. There are stump removers available in the market, and it’s costly. You only get to use it once or twice in your lifetime, so you should look for a cost-effective way to remove the stump or you hire a professional of tree removal Phoenix. Nevertheless, we will show you how to remove the stump.

Manual Method

If you don’t have a stump grinder, you can remove the stump manually. Use a shovel, mattock and ax. If you prefer other tools, you can use a heavy steel bar which can chop through roots, a small bow saw for cutting the roots that the mattock can’t and a large bow saw as a safer alternative to ax. Wear safety gears like gloves and steel-toed boots.

First thing to do is use the mattock to dig around the stump. Once the dirt has been loosened, shovel it out of the way. If the stump is big, you have to dig more soil. Start chopping the roots using the other end of the mattock. Dig your way to the taproot. Cut the taproot with an ax. If you are not used to using the ax, use the large bow saw. To avoid injury, make sure to clear the area of pets and people. The manual approach will involve a lot of digging, chopping and sawing. It’s slower, but it’s safer.

Chemical Method

If you don’t have access to the tools I mentioned, you can use the chemical method of removing the tree stump. It hastens the natural process and will remove the stump without lifting heavy tools. This is a slow process, but you can add water and nitrogen to least speed the process a little. Before you start using the chemicals, cut the stump close to the ground as possible using a chain saw. Use a drill bit to drill holes deep in the stump. Fill the holes with water and nitrogen.

Next, soak the ground up. Cover the stump with a tarp to make the moisture stay in the stump. Add tree bark or hay for more moisture. Just be patient when you do this process. If you really want to speed things up, you can do so by repeating the process. Remove the mulch and soak the stump again, add more nitrogen source and reapply the mulch and tarp.

If you want the really easy and fast way, there is a product called “Stump-Out” that breaks down the fiber of the wood, leaving the stump porous. Once it is soaked with kerosene, it will be ignited and burn. This is a cheap way, if kerosene use is okay for you.

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