Top Benefits of Metal Roofing

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There are many types of roofing styles that any homeowners are able to choose from, and this includes a metal roofing style. In the past, they are usually used as commercial roofing solutions but their popularity has grown, and now it is used for residential houses and apartments as well. This is because it provides each homeowner with several benefits.

If you are having a wooden or a flat type of roofing style and they suddenly got damaged, then it is a great opportunity for you to reinstall a new type of style. There are many companies that offer excellent service when it comes to repair and installation such as the roof repair Pittsburgh or any local companies in your areas. Just make sure that you are hiring a professional company that is also reputable and trustworthy.

So, why are we convincing you to try a metal roofing? There are many pros to this and these are the following:

1. They are lightweight

A metal roofing is lighter than many other roofing materials. For instance, one roofing tile can weight only up to 750 pounds per square while the concrete tile can reach up to 900 pounds.

This provides a lot of benefits First, this means easier installation. Second, your house will not bear much weight, providing more structural stability to your house. Third, installation becomes cheaper as you will not be needing any supporting structure to support the weight.

2. They are resistant to fire

They actually have the highest fire-resistance rating as they are completely noncombustible. However, this depends n on the material beneath the surface o the metal roof that potentially decreases the fire rating.

3. They are resistant to weather changes

They have the ability to withstand different harsh weather conditions and they are also capable to resist strong winds up to 140 miles per hour.

They also can withstand extreme heat and heavy as able to fight and slow down corrosion. This would all equate to minimal maintenance that reduces the expenses in the house.

4.They are durable and have a long-life expectancy

As mentioned, metal roofs are almost resistant to everything that commonly destroys other types of roofs. Fire, weather, wind, and natural elements are frail against the metal characteristics. This is the reason why more and more homeowners install a metal roof on their house.

This becomes a good investment in the future as it lowers maintenance and replacement costs.

5.They provide curb appeal

Metal roofs are also good to look at and they make your curb appeal better. They also give that shiny texture that attracts the eyes, although surfaces and designs may vary depending on the material and the company that produces the metal roofs, as well as how it was installed. They are also futuristic to look at and so having them would create a huge impact on your house’s aesthetics.

Final thoughts

If you search on the Internet, you can find various roofing styles that are on the trend now such as the minimalistic flat roof, green roof, and metal roof. So, if you want to try, call now your trusted roofing service and ask for a quote.

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