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Health Risks Caused by Bedbugs

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Bed bugs might be small but they are almost ubiquitous and highly pervasive. What makes them cringy is they feed on blood from animals and humans. Bed infestation is common to some households, although they can live and infest other parts of your house, and materials like furniture, carpet, clothes, etc.

Because they can be frustrating to exterminate, some people hire professional services like BedBug Treatment, Springfield MO.

Bed bugs look like ticks: oval-shaped and flat. They are reddish-brown due to the blood they consume from humans and animals. It is difficult to identify a bug bite from other insect bites because they look alike. They often have a dark red spot in the middle of the bitten area mounded by redness and can be located on the face, neck, and other body parts exposed to the bugs.

They are not known to be harmful and dangerous, but their bite can still sting and can cause skin reddening, and impose other harmful, even life-threatening conditions.

The following are the health risks caused by bed-bug bites:

1.Allergic reaction

We all know that allergy can be severe and can lead to death if not given immediate response. Some people who are allergic to insect bites and might have an allergic reaction after being bitten by bugs.

They might experience anaphylactic shock after being bitten. After this, the patient will have swollen lips and/or tongue, eventually wheeze and would have difficulty in breathing. If not treated immediately the patient might probably die because of the shortness of breath and low oxygen intake.

2. Skin and other infections

Bug-bites are itchy, and this leads people to scratch the skin surface. The wound resulted in scratches that might lead to severe infection if the wounds are exposed to bacteria and other pathogens.

Bedbugs often bite when we are asleep, thus we unconsciously scratch the bittern area until we become unconsciously satisfied leading to fresh wounds in the morning. There are people whose wounds do not heal quickly like people who suffer from diabetes. These individuals are good candidates for germ and bacterial infection. And infection, if not properly medicated, would lead to a life-threatening consequence.

There are other secondary skin infections resulted from their bites. These include ecthyma, impetigo, and lymphangitis.

A recent study from Penn Medicine posits that bed bugs are potential carriers of parasites that causes Chagas disease. This disease can also lead to death if left untreated.

3.Insomnia and stress that might cause mental health risks

It is called bedbug bite because you get them at night as these bugs are nocturnal and actively bite when we are typically unconscious. If your bed is infested, this potentially irritates you at night leading to sleep deprivation. Inadequate sleep might cause a lot of health issues including mental issues such as irritability, anxiety, and even depression and psychosis.

Having them might also result in social stigma. Neighbors and friends might avoid going into your house, afraid they might catch the bugs and bring them to their homes.

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